SetMaker is a program that generates workouts for swimming. The generator has all the settings to create a perfect working such as the ability to define distance, stroke, sub category, and workout intensity.

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How does it work?
Does SetMaker cost anything?

SetMaker is free to all users and does not even require an account to use. However, with an account users can save their favorite workouts and up to 5 different generator settings.

How can I use SetMaker without getting my computer wet?
  • Easily generate perfect workouts everytime, specifically tailored to how you want to swim.
  • Use settings such as distance, stroke, sub category, and workout intensity to get the workout you want.
  • Don't have all the equipment? SetMaker includes options to remove sets that require equipment that you are missing.
  • Save the workouts your love so you can do them again later.
Perfect Workouts

Gives you a perfect swim workout everytime.

Infinite Sets

Use the generator to create unlimited workouts.

Excellent Support

A dedicated support team to handle any of your issues.

No Signup Required

SetMaker is free for all.